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Love it

I love learning and discovering what’s best for my family, very helpful one of my faves. The only thing I don’t like is the products they do offer or are trying to sale , definitely not the pricing on them for a single parent with several children just not practical for my budget and its monthly , very costly Nd the products are very limited as to what they offer.

Great app!

So informative!

Love it! So helpful!

I can search products and get great reviews on how clean they are! Trust their work! Love being able to scan a barcode and get answers right away!

Very helpful

Love that I can scan products for the health and safety of my family.


Great product!


App is exceptionally useful. Gives a thorough breakdown of what the chemicals in products are and do. Highly recommend!

Great app

This app is very helpful when shopping, and it’s quick and easy to use.

Love this app

So awesome and helpful

Loving Think Dirty

It’s my “go to” for quick healthy decisions for my body❤️


Could be a really nice app if it didn’t constantly crash every time I try to add something to a list.

Great app


Love this app

Love being able to easily check my products

I love it!

It’s very useful and I’m learning a lot about what I should and shouldn’t use in my products.

Love This App

I use this valuable information while shopping to keep chemicals out of my environment.


Really like this site. Wish it had some of the more common brands that are being “touted” as healthy. I’ve submitted several and waiting for the reviews.

I don’t buy products without scanning

I love this app! It helps me manage my products, select the healthiest for my family, and weigh options at the store.

Such a fantastic resource when trying to make clean decisions!

I use this app A LOT and it helps immensely when I’m trying to make decisions on what products to purchase! It’s easy to use, has a lot of ingredient info and a large database of products! Very thankful for the Think Dirty crew!!!

Green gal’s best friend

Great for quick reference at the store and deeper research at home.

Helpful and informative.

Works well. Seems to have most of the big names and many of the smaller brands as well.

Finally! A way to decipher it all!

I have terrible Malasma and have to be so careful with what goes on my skin, I never have had success reading through all of the different ingredients in my skin care products, but this app does it for me

Super helpful!

Love this app! It's so helpful!


Sooo when do I get my updates on things I’ve sent in because it’s been weeks and still nothing. I’m about to delete the app and go back to buying whatever I want because this app doesn’t seem to really care. It just wants you to buy their certain products.

Awesome App

I like the ability to check the toxicity of a product before I purchase it. The app will also allow me to upload bar codes and photos so the product will be evaluated and added to the database.

Great site that makes life easier!!!

Easy to use & makes my life easier!



Good info

Very useful information. I’m a more educated consumer.

Love this app

Keeps me informed


This app makes it so easy to check in on my favorite products. I care about what I put on my body!

Made me more conscientious

Now that i know what to avoid i buy alot smarter!

Use almost daily

Any time I am in search of a skincare or hair are product, I reach for this app. I find the barcode scanner incredibly handy. I only wish the database were larger, but you can submit products and they will notify you if/when the info is added to the app.


This app is so useful

Awesome App!

I love the quickness of the app and the ease of uploading a product when I can find its rating!

Very useful!!

Has every product I use, very useful that I don’t have to look up ingredients!


This app has helped me buy better products for our family. I'm very grateful for the research made on the ingredients to help keep our homes free of harmful substances. Thank you!

Everyone needs this app!

This is an amazing tool for anyone interested in buying toxic free products. This is a must especially if you have little ones.


Always. Check product against their website to see if it is safe, and usually buy their suggestions

Great app

I love being able to find good clean products for my family!

Great app

There are some bugs but nothing that really hinders it’s purpose.

Go to app

Obsessed with finding clean products. I do wish the index was more complete, but idk what goes into getting products on the app.


I use this app before I purchase ANY personal products at this point. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it. Thanks TD team!

It must have went spending your hard earned money on any type of product

This website bring so much light to it really knowing what’s in products without having to rely on packaging or interpreting ingredients.

Smart shopping

This app helps me make better choices when buying products that are not full of toxic chemicals and don’t harm the environment.

Love it

I wish they had more cleaning products and kid products but for the products that they do have it’s easy to use and it’s helping us live healthier lives and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!

Simply awesome

Very informative!


Such a great app! I tell people that this product or that is toxic! They don't believe me! It is so great to have the thinkdirty app now to show them the ingredients and whether they are safe. I wish universities would use safe products. I dropped off my kid at college and I see febreze and chlorox everywhere - I still can't believe consumers are uninformed about these products. Let's educate! And get healthier!! (in a humble way of course)

good app

i use this app to replace majority of all my toxic chemical base household & makeup products. and before i buy any product in the store i check this app to see if it’s clean enough to buy & this app also has recommendations on whats clean items to purchase. •• this app should be call think clean, not think dirty.

Love it❤️

I love everything about this app and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!! 😊


I like it

Best app

Such a great app! I have had it for almost a year now and I use it often! Works great!

Great to know

I love seeing results. A lot of times surprising, therefore so valuable to know!

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