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Great help

Wish they had more products in there data base, but overall it has helped me a lot!

Best App EVER!

Love that I know what products are actually made with good, clean ingredients! I was shocked how many products I owned were actually not made with good ingredients. This is a must have app!!

I am in remission for Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a fairly common eye lid disease. Redness, swelling, itching, eye lash loss. I threw out all my old makeup and cleansing products and bought all new based on low ratings in this app. I am in remission now!


Helpful app but needing more products in their list as many times there is no info on a lot that I scan.

Great Helpful App

I check Think Dirty App before buying any personal care product. I like knowing bad things in the products. I never use anything rated above a 4.

Love this App

Love being able to check out products without doing extensive research!


Definitely worth it

Great app

I really enjoy finding out if products I want to purchase are good for me and my family.

This is great!

Such a helpful tool for making wise decisions as a consumer.

Love it

I’ve completely changed my body lotion with the help of this app. Love using this app for so many things. Wish I had more products listed that’s why didn’t give it five stars.

My favorite

Being literally my favorite app, I use it before I buy anything. Sometimes I literally just go on for fun because it’s so informative and well designed.

Insightful App

Overall a helpful app to have handy when you need more info on what's in the ingredients list, and whether or not they could potentially be harmful. Just a bummer sometimes when they don’t have certain products in their system 😕.

Excellent App

Been using this app for 4 years and am so thankful for it. It helps me make wise choices of what I put on my body and my children’s.

Love Think Dirty

Thank you Think Dirty for creating an app that makes it easy to shop for quality, clean products!


I think is app is a stupid scam to get you to buy expensive beauty products. I scanned a bottle of fairy tale rosemary hair spray compared to a bottle of cheap sticky hair spray. I would feel very safe using fairy tale products and would probably say that they are so natural that I could eat it. I think some of the definitions and risks are extreme. I have used shampoo for my entire life and have never suffered nerve damage and diarrhea, and I have a feeling that no one else has either. That seems at little bit of an extreme result. A little bit of a bad thing isn’t going to kill you, I am not going to start spending $50 on a bottle of soap because this app.

So helpful for adult and baby products!

I usually check the ratings on products before I buy them, especially when it comes to bath wash for my kids. This is a great app to be better informed about what is in our available products!

Love, love, love!

My only complaint would be they should add more products, I would even consider paying a small monthly fee if the selection of products was updated more frequently. This is a great app to use as a starting guide if you are trying to find safer alternatives to many of the every day products that we use.

So helpful!

App is easy to use and great when I’m out shopping and wondering if an item labeled “organic” or “natural” is actually safe/clean!

Think dirty


Please add this

I think estimate prices of the products would be super helpful.💕

Think Dirty is the best!

This is one of the most resourceful apps that I have on my phone! In the past few months I have really become passionate about buying safe and clean products for my growing family and myself and this app is really going to be a game changer for me!

So helpful!

I love this app. It helps me make better choices for my household. It also teaches me what chemicals to stay away from, and what is okay. I use it everyday!

On point

So far I’ve found a rating for nearly every product I’ve searched for. What I enjoy most is the alternative suggested products.


Game changer

Love the app

So useful!


I use the app to be sure I am buying clean products for my family

Extremely Educational

I use this app all the time to avoid putting carcinogenic or other harmful ingredients on my skin or hair. I love the ingredients descriptions & the Our Picks feature, or what I call the going-the-extra-mile feature. I've thrown away over half the products in my bathroom and cried, but have never looked back. My only complaint is too many items I scan are missing from the database. I submit photos of as many items as I can, but this is time-consuming. Still, it's one of my "go-to" apps & have learned SO much!

Multiple listing of same products

I’m no scientist, so I have to take the app information at its value for now. Which is why it’s so confusing to have what looks like the same product listed 10+ with various ratings all over the board from 0-8!

I don’t buy any facial products without first consulting Think Dirty!

I don’t buy any facial products without first consulting Think Dirty! So helpful!

Great App

Like it. Use it n


Pretty lit

Great tool

Very useful info

Think Dirty

Everyone who wants to stay healthy by avoiding toxic chemicals in products should have this app. I’ve found it extremely helpful in choosing personal care products, especially because manufacturers often use words that imply a product is “clean” and healthy when it really isn’t. I gave the app 4⭐️s because sometimes the brands I’m considering aren’t listed. The most popular brands are there, understandably, it’s the smaller, lesser known and often healthier brands that may not be on the app.

Safety Conscientious

Love this soooo much!! Find safe products & know about their ingredients! Great for checking safety of an item considering purchasing in a store OR if you need a product, look up the general need on app and find the safest choices!!

Finally a focus on organic products for our skin



Great app.

Great App

I just wish it was easier to add new products; otherwise, I love this service!

Useful app

Useful for helping me find products that do not trigger an allergic reaction.


Just needs more brands

More Products

This app is really awesome however they need to add more products and brands.

Helped prevent cancer

So useful and needed in a world today filled with hazardous chemicals!

The best thing ever

This app is so useful. Thank you so much! Please come up with a version for groceries, clothing,...

Great App!

Very nice App to have to keep away from not so good products!

The scanning it’s terrible slow

The app idea is really great and useful. But wow the scanning takes forever.

Great go to app

Always updating but has great easy to understand ratings for personal care products

Such a great tool

Love this app. It’s super easy to use and have tons of products to search! The only thing I would add to the app is to be able to search ingredients so that if a product is not yet uploaded with a rating, I can research for myself to make an educated decision. But otherwise this app has been so useful and I’m excited to try the new products that I’ve found from it!


This app helps me put into perspective how dirty products are. Thank you!

Great resource!

Makes finding and choosing clean products so easy!

❤️ Think Dirty

I love knowing what is in my products. Thank you!!!

It only gets better

As they add more and more brands, it only gets better!

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