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Very misleading now pushing notices more than daily

I downloaded this app a few years ago after reading about it on a favorite bloggers site. She was very impressed. I checked a few things I use and a few things the blogger was throwing out. I have a BS, MS, and doctorate degree in the sciences. My masters is in Environmental Sciences. I have always worked in the biological sciences. I found the app information and scoring quite alarmist. Here’s an example. Selsun Blue is listed as toxic. The reason because it has Selenium. Selenium can be toxic. But it is also an essential mineral for animals. So just stating it is toxic is silly. A short exposure to selenium in your shampoo should not be harmful. In fact tinea versicolor a fungal infection of the skin can be treated by applying Selsun Blue to your skin and waiting 20 minutes before showering. So the suggestion that simple use of Selsun Blue as a dandruff shampoo is dangerous because it includes selenium is at least misleading. I haven’t used the app in a few years. What lead me to comment today is the fact that this app has started sending me notices. It is pushing products.


Love it!

Needs fixing to stop crashing

I would give this app 5 stars except for two problems: 1. Lately I can only use the app for about one minute or not at all before I get this message: Request Failed Please try again later. And when I try again later I still get the message. 2. When I was able to consistently use this app I scanned and sent in many products not in their data base. I have yet to see any of my products added into the data base. What is the point of scanning and sending if it’s not going to be used?

Most useful tool!

Great tool to transition to a chemical free lifestyle

Great app!

Every woman and man should download it!

Good stuff!

Overall great app! Functions mostly well, sometimes the scan feature/upload doesn't always work so I can't submit, which is a bummer considering this is all about the consumers (us) submitting products for review. I wish there were more rated products, but I know the data base is building and I'm happy to contribute! I think putting the knowledge into the consumer is a great way to promote change! Thanks so much for such a great app. Can't wait to see it continue to develop!

Lifesaver (literally)!!

I love this app. I got it when it was first launched so it’s amazing to see how many products have been added since. Navigating this dirty beauty world is tricky and having this app in my back pocket helps me keep all that toxic stuff out of my life. One of my only gripes is that I wish we could search not just by product but also by ingredient. Sometimes the product isn’t in the app yet and I just want to know if the ingredients are safe or not and then I have to turn to google and that takes more time. But overall this app is GREAT and I thank the people who created this!!!!!!

Great App!!

It's great plain and simple. Look up all your products and know how clean they really are!! Simple!

Great app

I'm looking forward to more products in their database.

Great + 1 suggestion

This app is pretty cool. Easy to use. It tells me what products are too “dirty” to buy. It’s pretty great. I love how it offers alternatives. Like when I scanned my lotion and it came up as a 7 (dirty) it suggested other products I could use instead. I do have one suggestion though. It would be very helpful if the alternatives listed their prices in the app without having to visit their store. I can’t afford a $20 lotion and it would be great to have a “sort by price” option.

Think dirty

Very helpful for me to clean out the bad stuff.


This app evaluates products you use with your body to tell you if it’s healthy or bad for you. Most of the general things you buy at the store are unhealthy but the stuff the sponsors sell is all good for you. They offer no documentation or evidence or test results, just there point system. So the only way to be healthy is to buy what they’re selling. Yeah.... not buying it.

Not enough products on database

Everyone I scan a product, none out of 10 times it’s not on the database. I’ve submitted quite a few over the last year, but still don’t see them on the list.

Useful app

I had no idea how bad some of the daily products we used were until using this app. I like how each ingredient is graded and tells you why it's bad. My only complaint is that many of the items I scan aren't coming up, but when you search by name they do come up.

Love this app!

Life saving app! Literally! I use it for everything single product

Good idea

It's a good idea, but it's missing a lot of products and it can be hard to search for specific cosmetics or things that do not have barcodes right on the packaging. When there is product information is there it is usually complete with explanations for each ingredient. It gives you the option to add new products to the database but I don't know how long it takes for them to create new product profiles- if it takes less than a week I'll come back and give it 5 stars.

Great, but needs improvements

There aren’t many Korean beauty/skin care products on here, and I’d like to know what went and will go on my face. Also, for some of my western beauty/skin care products, when I scan the barcode, the item isn’t found, but when I look it up by name, it pops up! Kinda frustrating in all honesty. I’d also like to mention that when I look up something that IS there, there are multiple entries of the same product. Some product entries are unsure of the correct way to type the brand’s name. For example, the brand Yes To can either be found as Yes To or YesTo. Some brands may even include punctuation in their name. Oftentimes, the product name itself is unnecessarily lengthy and may be redundant in including the brand name in the product itself. For instance, the name Neogen DermalogyBio-Peel+ Gauze Peeling Wine is rather lengthy. The brand itself is Neogen Dermalogy. Some people submitting product names may even mistake brand names. Neogen Dermalogy products are developed by Neogen Labs, in which the submitter may get confused. I would suggest that while a product is undergoing inspection, y’all would also check the official product and brand name. In addition to that, it would be helpful if maybe y’all could mention if a product were vegan and/or cruelty-free. While you’re at it as well, I find it rather odd that an item would be categorised as a 9 if only one ingredient were harmful. It’d make more sense to me if the ratings were the average of all ingredients listed in the product. My apologies if I’m asking for too much, though. Nonetheless, I see a great potential with this app and will continue to use it to check products before I wreck myself. The lovely design and simple user interface makes it easy to navigate throughout the app.

Great information

I love this app and what they are trying to do. I think we all need to know what’s in our products, however I couldn’t give it 5 stars because of the limited database it has as well as the fact that you can’t add a product to request info on it unless you have the barcode to scan. I don’t want to have to buy something (or be standing in a store holding it) before I can see if I want to use it. We should be able to just put in the name of the product for a request.


It disgusts me that the USA allows toxic or potentially toxic chemicals in so many products. The corporations do not care about the general population. This app has led to me throwing away tons of dirty products and minimizing what I use on my body. It's very convenient to use anywhere, even when you're out grocery shopping and you want to give a product a quick look up. This is educational! I've learned things about specific ingredients- this is stuff that should be taught in classrooms!!! The only issue I've encountered is not all products have been entered into this app. Many of the most popular brands are missing, but you can make a guess whether to keep or toss them based on the ingredient information provided. Please download and use!!!


Very informative

Love this app!!

Love knowing what is in the products we buy!! Thanks for doing the work for us!!


Great App! Probably my most valued app.

Limited products

Not many products and you cant add unless you have a product bar code from original packaging. Good idea though.

Great app!

I have recommended it to all my friends! It is great to be able to know what dangerous chemicals are in everyday things we use.

Great idea, zero coverage

I was excited about this app when I downloaded it. After using it, however, my excitement has turned to complete disappointment. Why? Simply put, this app has an horrendous product database! Only one - ONE! - of the many products I have scanned has returned usable information (Softsoap). For everything else, THINK DIRTY wants me to do the work for it and enter the product into its database. Not helpful. On a positive note, the reason I gave two stars instead of one star is because the app has an appealing design, and is easy to use. If it actually helped.

Love this app!!

This app has completely changed my skin and hair care and my makeup routines! I love that they give you so many alternatives and where to buy them!

Very limited

Only had 1 of the 4 products I scanned. The only 1 they had a rating for was a crappy Drug store hair spray. They must have professional products in their database.

Made me so much more aware

I never knew that the products I was using on my body and in my home. It really opened my eyes!

Dissapointing - missing mainstream “green” brands

I was really excited about this app but it’s a flop for me. Missing many main stream brands (most of which are sold at stores like credo or ecodiva beauty or even space nk) and I’ve submitted codes, photos and info for them months ago and excitedly hoped it would be updated - to no avail. Some of the brands missing: intelligent nutrients, glossier, indie Lee, by Terry...list goes on. If they reviewed and updated entries after making you take and upload all the info I’d love this app but as it stands it’s dissapointing.


This app is a great tool for informing myself on what's in my beauty products!


gets mostly everything

Not Accurate! LiES!

Tells you harmful ingredients that aren’t even in some products just to get you to not buy them. Also misinformed about ingredients that are the plastic packaging & not actually in the product itself. AWFUL MISINFORMATIVE APP!

Love the concept

Love the concept, but there are multiple identical items with diff ratings.

Good job! 👌🏼

This app is really helpful in being able to see what products are really safe!

Good info

Good, informative app. Easy to use.

Pretty useful

Used this to figure out why a lot of hair products are causing allergic reactions. A more robust inventory would make it 5 stars for me.

Life changing!

Helps with decision making and make healthy choices.

Too biased to trust

Listed “bad” ingredients on a few of my products that weren’t on the listed ingredients of the actual product. Also read the disclaimer... they receive incentives for rating some products as “good.” I mean it only makes sense! You can’t have a successful business without some kind of funding. I believe they mean well... but I’d really like a more unbiased review of my products.

Love but

I like this app and that they don't test on animals. But...It has been really buggy. Please fix. The app doesn't transition well from the scanner function to the home screen. Also the shopping feature would not let me go back to the app. Very frustrating.

Great! I think it needs a little extra something.

I LOVE this app. Easy to use, has major products and always adding more. I would love, however, if they added a little icon or option for seeing cruelty free products. I love looking for the cleanest products for my family and learning to be a smart consumer BUT I don’t want to buy something that hurts animals! It gets a bit time consuming finding options and then going to the PETA website to check if it’s CF or not. Other than that... IT ROCKS!

Great concept for an app

Love this app. Get info quickly about the safety of so many products in the store before you decide to try them. This is like having a personal advocate in your pocket protecting you from things these giant companies should be doing instead of putting harmful things in our products to sell more or keep things less expensive for them. Thanks Think Dirty team for giving me a tool to navigate one aspect of this sometimes overwhelming world. :)

Great app!

I love this app, I just wish there was more stuff you were able to scan but they allow you to add it & I think they review it later, so over all a really great app 😁

app is super slow

i have no patience at all so make the app faster and i’ll give it 5 stars. also needs more products but that can easily be done

Great app but a few suggestions

I really love the app! I think it would be really great if there were a section of brands (or you could search the brand and the section would pop up for that brand) and in each brands section it had the products from the brand that you can browse and an overall rating for that brand! And maybe you could favorite brands as well. I think it’s AMAZING for a free app though! Maybe you could have a place where people could donate if they wanted to help the app grow and improve


I have been doing all of this research on bath products and their ingredients for awhile now. And there are SO many bad chemicals in like everything at Target haha so I've been trying out natural stuff. But even the natural stuff can be good at pretending not to be harmful when it is. And dude, our skin is our largest organ like shouldn't we not be putting chemicals and crap all over ourselves? Anyways this app has changed my life. It does all the research for you!!! I could cry I am so happy I don't have to spend HOURS looking up every single ingredient in my shampoos anymore

Educational and helpful!

Explains why products are harmful, and also gives suggestions on similar products that are super safe!

Amazing app

Love itttt

Thumbs up

Great quick reference while shopping I use the scanning feature. A little confusing because the same products are listed with different ratings. Overall very helpful!

Staple App

This app is hands-down the most useful app on my phone. THANK YOU for making this information so easily accessible, as well as an organized way to keep track of my favorites!

Limited data, dislike marketing

Most items I scanned were not in their database. The ones that were there had clear explanations in a intuitive interface. I dislike how the app is marketed, including the suggestive title

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